Strategic Consulting

Why is TPC the ‘secret advisor’ to many Chief Learning Officers?

Clients consider TPC their ‘secret advisor’, working alongside them and behind the scenes to ensure their success.

CLOs and Training Directors bring their challenges to us. Whether the challenges are recognition for the learning and development function, budget constraints, employee issues, or the decision to centralize or decentralize training activities, we help clients to work through the options to meet personal and organizational goals.

Following comprehensive evaluation of the current learning and development function we will guide you through goal and objective setting in training, analyze the internal and external influences on the development agenda, teach you how to run training like a business, and provide you with measures and metrics to keep check of your performance. We document the plan to create a comprehensive learning and development strategy and ensure that you have a highly efficient and effective training team.

On an on-going basis we work with clients to monitor and update their plans, and refine the strategy to accommodate the changing needs of their organization.

All of our work is completed in the strictest confidence and clients can trust that their learning and development agenda will remain private.

“Knowing the structure change coming up in our training program, the opportunity to network with our ‘new’ group was very beneficial. We all need to hear the same message and build continuity in our program. The forms will be great tools to use for intake and the case study was excellent. Each time we did it, we peeled a new layer off the onion.”

Mara Hornstrom
Westfield Group

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